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Rubicon Raw

2022 Case Study
Rubicon Raw 3.jpg


Be a force of nature!


In an emerging energy drink market, our aim with Rubicon Raw was to convert a large student demographic around the country into valued consumers by Detailing the product's use of natural caffeine and its desirable taste.  

The Process

  • Brand ambassador engagement, creating an exciting presence for the Rubicon brand on campuses across the country.

  • Providing Free samples to ignite a taste for the products with the student, propping them up as future consumers. 

  • The creation of a detailed student email database, allowing students to avail of future offerings. 

Rubicon Raw 25.jpg

The Results

  • Over 10,000 products were distributed right to our targeted demographic of students. 

  • Detailed interest analysis across different variations of flavour, such as cherry and raspberry. 

  • Compilation of over 10,000 student emails emitted into the database.

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