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become a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is a representative of a brand/company that aims to market a brand to a  specific target audience. College brand ambassadors tend to market a brand or product on their own college campus to fellow students and peers through events, merchandise, branding and incentivised programmes. Student brand ambassadors act as the face of the brand with their aim being to drive the brand’s presence across campus as well as increase sales.   

Why become a BA?

Humanise the brand: Consumers prefer to buy from people rather than from a faceless brand.  Brand ambassadors can help by showing consumers how the product/service works and portray their genuine love and excitement. This can encourage consumers to be more engaged and willing to try out the brand’s product/service.

Trust and Relationships

Consumers tend to respond more favourably to those whose words they trust. Student ambassadors tend to be influential figures because of how loyal they are to a brand. Students are eager to interact, therefore employing brand ambassadors will help create relationships with students and entice them to purchase from the brand. 

Cost effective advertising

Brand ambassador campaigns provide opportunities for students to earn a little extra money during the college semester while also giving them professional exposure by teaming up with well-established brands.

Positive word of mouth
Brand ambassadors tend to provide discount codes, free samples and incentives which is a huge attraction for consumers. Brand ambassadors provide a positive outlook in the eyes of the target audience. They are recognised as being a source of credibility among the target market. 



Huge savings on marketing costs!

High productivity among employees.

High employee retention rate.

Managing recruitment and staff hiring

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