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The Generation Y Research. Always Ahead.

We regularly conduct research into the youth market of our own accord and on behalf of businesses and research agencies. No-one knows this demographic like we do.


€49 a week

€74 a week


of students likely to buy a product after free sampling


€ 74 a week

in 2021

€ 40 a week

in 2019

83% respondents...

likely to take notice of promotion if it was directly aimed at students

Our data base of 75,000 18–24-year-old means we can communicate directly to students in an extremely efficient and effective way. We also have a combined following of over 54,000 on various platforms.

The size and strength of our network means we can collect information via online surveys, on-campus surveys, personal interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and telephone surveys using our email databases, social media channels and trained field staff.

From our 2021 commercial research survey, we discovered that students have a combined weekly disposable income of €29m, with each student spending an average of €74 a week on food shopping alone, which is up from €40 in 2019.

Furthermore, 82% of students say that a free sample is the best way to be introduced to a product.

At Generation Y, we conduct research continuously throughout the entire year to give us consistent and updated insights into the youth market. We gather and collect data for our own use as well as on behalf of businesses and research agencies across Ireland.

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