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2019 Sample Case Study 

What we did

The campaign began on the 20th April in Waterford Institute Technology and ended on 21st April in University Limerick.

At each promotion our staff was branded in Odeon clothing beside the Odeon pop-up stands and flyers given to us for the promotions.

There were tables available at each location where our staff displayed the leaflets and popcorn for the promotions.

The set up ensured that the Odeon along with the Limitless branding was clearly visible at each campus.

There were 4 staff from Generation Y supported by 2 staff from local Odeon cinemas. This quantity of staff allowed us to approach a huge amount of students during each day.


In Waterford we set up the promotion in the main atrium. It is near the canteen and is usually very busy.

To make the best use of the time spent on campus we got our staff to walk around the college to approach people to give them a leaflet and talk about the Limitless card.

There was an end of term party in the Dome Bar so we had great success around this area informing everyone about the card and how great it is for students. 

In UL our staff were located in the Student Centre Courtyard. The high footfall of students in this area ensured that there were plenty of students around to approach.

Again we had our staff walk around the college to increase the amount of people they could approach and also to ensure the Odeon’s branding was visible all over the campus.

The free popcorn was a brilliant attraction for students and it did the job perfectly as it allowed our staff to inform them of the Limitless card while they were getting the popcorn.

Results delivered

  • Over the two promotions we distributed thousands of cones of popcorn to the students in addition to the leaflets. The free popcorn definitely created a lot of goodwill towards the Odeon brand. Many students commented that ‘cinema popcorn is the best!' 

  • We had great feedback from the students regarding the Limitless Card. It was very well received and everyone thought it was a brilliant idea.


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