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Barnacles Database Creation

2019 Sample Case Study 

What we did

The campaign began on the 12th October in University Limerick. At each promotion our staff was branded in Barnacles clothing and were located in front of the Barnacles pop-up stand and posters given to us for the promotions.

Where there was a table available our staff would display the Barnacles vouchers and leaflets. The set up ensured that the Barnacles brand was clearly visible on each campus visited.


In UL, our staff were located in the Student Centre Courtyard. The high footfall of students in this area ensured that there were plenty of students around to enter the competition.

At the same time we were running a separate campaign giving out goodie bags to students. 

The combination of these activities worked well as the free goodie bags brought students to the area and our Barnacles representatives were then able to approach the same students and get them to sign up for the competition.

We tried to tie these two activities together when possible at each of the following promotions.

Results delivered

  • University of Limerick- 636 emails collected

  • Galway-mayo institute of technology- 524 emails collected

  • University college cork- 736 emails collected

  • university college dublin- 454 emails collected

  • ncad/itt/dit/ trinity- 649 emails collected


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